What is Erasmus In School?: EIS is a portal where you can find teaching internships at schools and summer camps all over Spain. www.erasmusinschool.com

See all school vacancies: All current vacancies can be found here:

How to apply: You just need to create a profile here as a language assistant and start contacting schools.


I am not an English native speaker, can I still apply? Yes, you can. Candidates should have a C1 English level and an interest to pursue a career in the Education field.

Which are the tasks of a language assistant?

  • Giving conversation classes.
  • Helping the main teacher to develop lesson plans.
  • Giving workshops or developing any kind of activity you feel comfortable with, using English as a vehicle of communication. Eg: trips workshops, crafts, language clubs, sports, etc.
  • Acting as a cultural ambassador of your country.


Do I need to pay any fees?

No, you will actually get paid between 700-1,000€ net per month as an intern. 


More information: info@erasmusinschool.com WhatsApp: +34 617 46 00 24