This week I decided to stay in our beloved Ljubljana, to get to know it a little more, I still have a lot to see and observe.
This is what I’ve seen through my eyes #skozialbertoveoči

Sunset from the Pink Church, on the hill of Tivoli Park.

Of course, Tivoli Park is still one of my favorite places to capture moments. My housemates bought a slackline and we spent hours practicing at the Tivoli.
This is Augustin, he is from France.

Greenhouse next to the lake

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I end this chapter of  #skozialbertoveoči with some photos at sunset in Koseski Bajer. 

The mysterious path leading to the lake

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I love sunsets, each day they are seen in a different way depending on the weather conditions of the moment.
I wonder where you can see the most spectacular sunsets in Ljubljana, and from all Slovenia?
If anyone has suggestions, write to me!


Photographer: Alberto Arcas Nevado