CERT organisation is looking for partners that can send volunteers to their project.

MAIN Activities volunteers will run:

  1. Nutrition sessions and presentations
  2. Bike animation in Parks for kids and youth games,bike/carting lessons, modelling balloons, juggling
  3. Weekly bicycle tours in forests and hills outside Craiova
  4. Promotion of green transport and eco activism
  5. Mark bike routes , cleaning and recycling events
  6. Games and sportive competitions in schools
  7. Regional sport events
  8. Bikes and sport equipment renting bank

Volunteers responsabilities:

  • Attend trainings
  • Weekly fill the activity reports
  • Respect the code of conduct, agreements, locations and people they work with
  • Weekly promote the project’s activities,objectives,ESC and CERT

Volunteers rights:

  • Attend National Agency and host trainings
  • Sign a volunteering contract
  • Local transportation, 1 sim card, internet in accomodation and working areas
  • Proper Accomodation and volunteering conditions
  • 150 euro food money, 90 euro pocket money every month (NOT salary,only cover of subsistance)
  • CIGNA insurance
  • Have mentorship support and Romanian language lessons

On return home, volunteers will:

  1. Run sessions on Digital literacy, Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainable development, Healthy life, socio-animation, multiply Romanian and English languages.
  2. Reproduce Bike Bank, Sport Events

You can find more information HERE

For more information contact them at: certdolj@yahoo.com