This weekend I was finally able to go to enjoy the well-known Lake Bohinj and Bled. ESN Ljubljana organized a trip that was quite cheap and I couldn’t miss the opportunity.

Impressive views from the bus during the tour, especially when arriving at Lake Bohinj, in which all the mountains were reflected as if the water were a mirror.

Things I wanted to capture and this is what I saw. #skozialbertoveoči

The lake

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Steffan getting his feet wet

The swing


(Stefan from Germany wetting his feet)   

I can’t wait to go back when the trees have their green leaves and you can swim in the lake!


After a while contemplating the beauty of the lake, we went to Bled.

There we had lunch on the grass with unbeatable views.

(Stefan, Augustin and Johanna in the green) 

After that I went for a walk to take some photos from perspectives a little different from those that are usually seen.

As you can see I didn’t have time to go to the viewpoints, for sure I will return another day.

Is there anyone at the castle?

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With this photo I say goodbye, till next week!