The week started with mobility restrictions and also with a quite strange weather, at least for me. Is it normal to see snow in April? 
I hope you are healthy, those are the photos that I took these days. #throughalbertoveči

A little walk to the Pink Church, I was curious to see coloured by white snow.  

The pink church

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We had some fun with the snow feelings as kids. I’m wondering if they will be the last snowdalls or if the weather of Slovenia will surprise us again.
(Augustin and Eglantine during a snow battle)  

Eglantine throws

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Taking advantage of the good weather of the last days of the week we went hiking. 
We did a circular route starting from the village of Polhov Gradec to Polhograjska Grmada.
Around 8,5 km in 3 hours. 


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Views and landscapes were amazing, spring is coming!