Hello everyone one more week, what a rainy week!

Luckily it stopped on the weekend so I was able to go on an excursion with my house mates within the Ljubljana region.

 So here you have the photos of the week!

 First we went to a lake to walk and breathe some fresh air after a week mostly at home because of the rain.

Along the way we find many of these huge and colorful lizards. 
 After lunch we visited Kamnik, undoubtedly a charming village.

Kamnik town

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We stopped in a green area to watch the Zbiljsko Jezero, it seems a good place to take a swim in summer and spend a day with friends!   

And we finished the excursion enjoying the sunset on the Sv Jakov hill, beautiful landscapes and as always it is appreciated to see the sunset with friends.

Sv. Jakob hill

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See you next week!